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Do you want to establish or improve your brand image, build a customer base, or launch a new product or service?

I'm Lilly, a copywriter and illlustrator supporting businesses to thrive. I create campaigns,  articles, social media posts, website copy and more.

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Website copy, newsletters, campaigns, social media posts, brochures, articles and more.

Illustrations and graphic designs

Blog banners, social media banners, business cards, children's books, prints, and personalised portraits.

Proofreading and editing 

Articles, essays, website copy, fiction, legal documents, emails and more.

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Lilly was considerate, punctual, and a hard-worker, getting everything done on time."

Dmitriy Emelianov, Club Owner at Kenshukai Karate

Lilly is very creative and built up good relationships within the business during the time she worked with me. She produced high quality images and internal newsletters, and her copywriting and editing (particularly blogs) was excellent."

Chloe Saunders, Marketing Executive at IMPOWER consulting



The Ethics of Supermarkets and The Vegan Movement

One of the first things I do after moving into a new house is fill my fridge. As the new academic year approaches, 1.8 million students in full time higher education will be doing the same. After travelling 6 hours across the country in a car with less leg space than Easyjet’s economy, dragging a lifetime of precious, pointless gubbins up three flights of stairs, unpacking them in to a ‘homely’ arrangement, I head to the shops. Walking down Deptford high street the first thing I see in bright gr

‘Enjoy responsibly’

Alcohol is a group 1 carcinogen. Just like tobacco. In the UK alone, there are over 8000 alcohol-related deaths per year. It’s a factor in more than 50 medical conditions, including liver damage, cancer, and high blood pressure, and it also contributes to mental health conditions like depression.

So why do people drink?

Drinking is, for the most part, socially acceptable. It’s been part of our culture for decades, mainly used as a form of relaxation. Alcohol works by slowing down nerve recepto

One to Watch: Hozier

24 year old Irish singer/song writer Andrew Hozier-Byrnes took the world by storm when his debut, somewhat controversial single went viral last year. Opening the doors to harsh criticism with its powerful visual of homosexual hatred accompanied by the overtly ironic title ‘Take Me to Church’. The clip debuted during the uproar in Russia over anti-gay legislation last winter, featuring a disturbing scene of gay persecution and a defiant voice against his homelands’ widely accepted catholic religi

Illustrations and graphic designs 

Personalised pet portraits, children's books and more

Blog banners, social media, print collateral

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